What is Friendora?

Friendora is a social network designed to make all of our lives better and more abundant. Social networking and internet activity has created billions of dollars worth of value for companies around the world. Now, with Friendora, the users who help create the value can enjoy the benefits.

An online economy benefitting everyone

Currently there are billions of dollars spent each year for online advertising. On the Friendora network, advertising dollars spent are redirected to users. This is creating a new online economy that pays users for the value of their online activity, and it's all made possible through a simple, easy-to-use system.

It all starts with Viewcoins

Users receive Viewcoins for inviting new users, and from activity on the Friendora network. Viewcoins are a way of keeping track of the collective value of the Friendora network. Users cash Viewcoins in by selling their Viewcoins to advertisers for real money. Advertisers must buy Viewcoins in order to pay for ads on the Friendora network. This completes the balanced cycle. Users create the value from online activity, and advertisers pay for the value of having their product or service seen on the network. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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