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Experience a new, exciting evolution in connecting with the world around you... Welcome to the appreciation economy!

Friendora is an invite only network.

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Now, receive money from the value of your activity and content that you are already creating online!

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Enjoy a beautifully designed social network. Connect with friends and the world around you. Share photos and stories, post updates and more.

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Receive Viewcoins by inviting others to join, posting and creating content, sharing content, being appreciated by others, and receiving generosity gifts.

Cash-in for real money!

Sell your viewcoins on the viewcoin market for real cash! Advertisers must buy viewcoins in order to pay for ads on Friendora. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Vision

Our vision is to create abundance around the world by harnessing the value that is already being created online, and enable everyone to benefit from it.

The things you do online are valuable, and Friendora pays you for that value. You can give to the people and causes you care about, or cash-in for real money.

The Appreciation Economy

Friendora is creating a network powered by appreciation. Now, you can give and receive appreciation gifts that have value backed by online activity. Give appreciation gifts to people and things you cherish. Allow others to give you appreciation gifts by expressing yourself and sharing content.

Everything You Love and More

Friendora is a social network and connection platform that rewards its users for the value they create. Connect with friends and the world around you. Share photos, stories, and post updates. Enjoy receiving rewards and appreciation for your content. Extend generosity throughout the network to empower others.

Join Friendora today, an active and abundant network where everyone wins!

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