Simple advertising, designed to get results.

Innovative pricing model gives you access to quality traffic at rates that make sense.

Three bidding models to chose from.

Pay for time.

Simply bid on the price per minute when your ad is displayed. Get as many clicks and view to your site from the network and only pay per minute.

Pay per click.

Traditional pay per click advertising. Bid on the price of someone clicking on your ad. Only pay for clicks to your web page from the ad.

Pay for views.

This model allows you to bid on the price per view to your ad. Get as many clicks as possible and only pay for views. No extra cost for ad clicks.

Advertising powered by Viewcoin.

Easy micro-bidding.

Viewcoin enables an innovative micro-bidding system by allowing you to bid in fractions of a penny. Easily purchase Viewcoins in your account and start using them to bid for advertising.

Viewers with money to spend.

Viewcoin is an online reward/advertising coin that is powering a new demographic of advertising. When you pay for ads using Viewcoin you are collectively growing a demographic of users that have extra money to spend.

Access quality web traffic in a matter of minutes.

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